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Device, Census used a Webcam what does that mean?

  • May 28, 2020
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The note "Device, Census used the Webcam to" meet them on Windows computers more often. And even if you are not using the Webcam even. You will be spied on so? Yes and no... We will tell you what's up with this message on.

Device Census - part of the Telemetry Framework

  • If you wish to see the Start of or during the use of Windows 10 the note "Device, Census used the WebCam", you need to make a rule, no Worries. It is a part of the telemetry functions of the operating system.
  • This means in plain text: On the Device Census Windows calculates statistical information about the use of your Webcam and sends it anonymized to Microsoft over the Internet. Personal data will not be recorded. The data can be used by Microsoft to, among other things, to fix errors in the operating system or improve existing functions.
Device census.exe in Windows 10

Device Census off - so it goes

If you don't want Microsoft to collect this data, you can disable the function so:

  1. You can open the start menu, the "settings" of Windows 10.
  2. Select "privacy" and then "camera".
  3. Click select in the Overview of "Apps that are allowed to use your camera" on the slider next to "Feedback Hub". This should now be set to "Off".
  4. Alternatively, you can also prohibit that Apps access to your camera. To do this, you need to allow only the slider for "let Apps use my camera hardware", in the area referred to the Windows settings to "Off" set.
Webcam: Feedback Hub lock

There are even more possibilities to your privacy on Windows 10, better to protect. As you will learn in the next tip.