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Amazon E-Mail: Fake alert from security - so you should proceed

  • Jan 16, 2021
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You should always check in advance if a Amazon-E-Mail is fake. Scammers are trying more and more often to come by a nasty Phishing your login data. How can you recognize a Fake E-Mail and what you can do if you have already published your data, read here.

Fake: E-Mail from Amazon, could be Phishing

In the case of a Phishing attempt to give cyber-criminals in front of that you an E-Mail from a major Online service such as Amazon. In the Fake E-Mail, you want to come to your private data:

  • In a Fake E-Mail from Amazon asking you, as a rule, under a pretext to a Link with your data login.
  • Therefore, if you get such an e-Mail, you should not click on any Links.
  • Instead, call manually in the Browser the Amazon Website. The only way you can be sure that you will be redirected to a Fake site.
  • Also you can find on Amazon under "My account" > "Messege Center" all communication between Amazon and you. Here you can check whether the suspicious E-Mail is from Amazon.

User name and password have already been entered: you can do now

You suspect to have your login credentials for Amazon already accidentally into the wrong hands, is quick Action is required:

They respond quickly if you have received a Fake E-Mail from Amazon.
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To other users to be able to help, you can use the Fake E-Mail from Amazon as a report Phishing - how to read in the next tip.