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Windows 10: the Raw files with the photo App open

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The photo App of Windows 10 may not only display a normal image formats, but RAW files open. How and what the App can do, we show in this practical tip.

Windows 10: how to open RAW files with the photo App

Is your computer running with Windows 10, by default, the photo App installed.

  • Open and edit RAW files, you will not need any paid Software.
  • Select to Open a RAW file, the App photos.
  • You want to make only small improvements, you will, under the item "Improve" a series of tiles to choose from.
  • You want to make more detailed changes, you'll find the tools to do this under "Customize".
  • In addition to the standard options, such as light, color, or sharpness, you still have more editing options. For example, you can use a Vignette, or the Red-eye effect edit.
  • You are satisfied with the result, save your edited file as a copy.