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What a Portrait is? Simply explained

  • Sep 27, 2020
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A long time ago, the portrait photography replaced Paintings. In the illustrated motive has remained the same. What exactly constitutes a Portrait, we have summarized for you in this article

Photography: What a Portrait is

A Portrait is a photographic image of a human being. What is the Scan, especially important, is the character of the portrayed capture.

  • The image detail of a portrait showing the whole body, in a chest image, the head or only the face of the model.
  • Photographers scan in portrait pictures frontal, half-profile, in three-quarter profile or in the profile. Because people act on photos depending on your perspective, very different.
  • The character of the portrait on photos, to is usually the main objective of portrait photography. When taking pictures , the focus is therefore on the face, more precisely on the eyes of the subject.
  • By the way: passport and police photos are strictly portrait taken shots. However, it is of course not that's why, in the photos the essence of the portrayed play.