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Well-known photographers: 5 artists with stunning images

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The last 100 years have produced many successful photographers. We introduce you to five well-known photo artists of various Genres whose works you should know.

Well-known photographers: Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984) – the father of landscape photography

From Ansel Adams camera many well-known landscape photographs were taken. The Americans was one of the photographers, the landscapes, mostly in black and photo count.

  • Among his best-known works are photographs of U.S. national parks and protected areas.
  • Ansel Adams was part of the "straight photography"movement, which in the early 20th century. Century began. You wasting of the factual and unadulterated reproduction of reality rubbed.
  • As a photographic pioneer in his field, he is still the model for many landscape photographers.
  • Google images: works by Ansel Adams
  • Instagram: @anseladams
  • Website: anseladams.com

Michael Kenna (born. 1953) – landscape photographer

The Briton, Michael Kenna is known for its minimalist, black-and-white landscape photographs known.

  • His photos show, especially the Interaction of original nature and man-made forms.
  • The images of the photographers work through the selected motifs is clear and calm. At the same time he holds firmly to his recordings a lot of Details and subtleties.
  • Kenna is working in part with long-time exposures of more than 10 hours. This blurring water, clouds, fog, and smoke in his photographs. The result of mysterious-looking shots.
  • Google images: works by Michael Kenna
  • Instagram: @michaelkennaphoto
  • Website: michaelkenna.net

Annie Leibovitz (born. 1949) – portrait photographer

Annie Leibovitz is one of the highest paid photographers of our time. Popular worldwide for her engaging portraits of numerous Prominent.

  • Annie Leibovitz photographed so far include Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Patrick Stewart, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore and Whoopie Goldberg.
  • Known internationally was the US-American photographer in 1981, through its intimate Portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The photo was taken in December 1980, a few hours before the singer was shot and killed.
  • A month later, in January 1981, as published in the "Rolling Stone" recording the title image of the magazine. The Portrait of the musician-couple today has a cult status and is considered to be one of the best cover images for the last few decades.
  • Google images: works of Annie Leibovitz
  • Facebook: Annie Leibovitz

Arnold Newman (1918 - 2006) – Portrait Photographer

The American Arnold Newman is one of the most important portrait photographers of the 20th century. Century.

  • Newman's portraits of artists, musicians, architects, politicians, actors and writers.
  • In front of his camera, Pablo Picasso, Igor Stravinsky, Konrad Adenauer, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were among others:.
  • Newman's works are characterized by his or her individual portrait style. The photographer put the value to the Individual of his models to capture.
  • He did not photographed, therefore, usually only people alone. Rather, the band he whose works and environment in his images.
  • Google images: works of Arnold Newman
  • Website: Arnold Newman

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 - 2004) - Street Photographer

The Frenchman Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the pioneers of street photography. He created some of the most well-known black-and-white photographs of the last century.

  • Cartier-Bresson photographed, according to his philosophy of the "decisive Moments". He was about to press in exactly the right Moment, the shutter button and a specific scene to capture.
  • His pictures do not work but as a coincidence, on the contrary, The photographer, is known for its perfect composition famous.
  • Cartier-Bresson travelled over the decades, different countries, and documented as a photo journalist major political events.
  • Google images: works of Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Website: henricartierbresson.org

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