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Portrait photography: The ideal settings for your camera

  • Sep 27, 2020
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With the right settings on the camera, a good portrait photography is possible to them also, if you are not a professional photographer. What you need to know, we show you in this practical tip.

Portrait photography: Great pictures with the right settings

In portrait photography the person is at the centre. With the right settings, set the model perfectly in scene.

  • Focal length: Choose a focal length between 50 and 100 mm. With an open aperture, you can blur the Background.
  • The main subject, so the Person enters in the foreground and receives full attention.
  • Sharpness: Set your camera on the eyes of the model in focus. However, you need to try a little to find the correct setting.
  • The sharpness setting needs to fit the open aperture. Otherwise, it may happen that the eyes are sharp, other parts of the face, however, already in the blur area.
  • Depending on the subject, are both your eyes the camera is facing. Then you choose a sharp setting, the eye closest to the camera.

The perspective of style for your Portrait

The perspective has an influence on the effect of the Portraits.

  • Depending on whether the lens is above the eye level of the model or slightly below eye level, create different effects.
  • Here, too, tact is required. You hold the lens too high, make you the Person you are photographing small.
  • Photograph easily from below, then, gives this Person a something sublime expression, however, quickly to the Arrogant and slide can.
The right camera settings for portrait photography (Image: Pixabay)

You want to snowflakes to photograph, you will learn in our next article, how to great photos.