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Portrait photography: The best of tips & Tricks

  • Sep 27, 2020
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Portrait photography is a photographic Genre. Accordingly, many of the rules that will help you to Photograph out there. The most important tips we have compiled for you.

General tips for portrait photography

In portrait photography it is a harmonious image design to. But also to ensure that your models feel in front of the camera. Therefore, note the following tips:

  • Dear, of course, as asked:a Lot of people feel in the provided poses uncomfortable. This shows, unfortunately, also on photos. Take a photo of your family and friends, therefore something you like to do. Take, for example, your child while Playing, or your grandfather as much as possible.
  • Speaking of kids: Bright kids not from the top down. You see only the heads of the Little ones on the recordings, but not their faces. Go, instead, always at eye level with children. Shooting them in the squatting, kneeling or lying down.
  • Hands deal: hands at photo shoots, sometimes to the Problem. Especially if the models are nervous and don't know how to hold your hands. You give the person being portrayed, therefore, something he can hold on to. This can be a flower, a toy or a book.
  • Glasses: Depending on the light reflected in lenses unwanted objects. Put a polarizing filter on if you wear glasses shooting. This prevents glare for the most part. Screw the polarizing filter just on the front of your lens.
  • Contrast: Make your photos with contrasts varied. You photograph smartly dressed couples in rustic places, like in front of an old building. You take a picture of plain-dressed people, however, fine locations, for example, in a beautiful garden.

Groups portray: Avoid these mistakes

In the case of group photos to help you in addition to the already introduced rules, including these tips:

  • Right focus: Focus at group shoots, in principle, on the Person, the camera on the next. Otherwise, it will be shown in the photo blurred, and the recording seems to have failed.
  • The thing with the heads: group photos are as vibrant. They prevent, therefore, that the portrayed in a perfect line up. Your photos look very static. The correct way to Position people so that their heads are at different heights.
  • People bring together: Naturally we are not right next to our fellow man, but keep a little distance. But it is precisely this distance that looks on a group of portraits of peculiar and impersonal. Hold the portrait to, therefore, closer together.
One of the most important tips for portrait photography of groups: Bring the portrait formatted close together (Image: Pexels)