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Photoshop files in Paint.NET open - so it goes

  • Oct 20, 2020
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With Paint.Net Photoshop files (.to open psd) you need a small Plugin. We show you where you can find the Plugin and how you can install it.

Paint.NET Photoshop Plugin

Paint.NET can not .psd files open. By a Plugin, you can insert the function later.
  • Download the Plugin as ZIP-archive. Link
  • You can open the archive and copy the file "PhotoShop.dll" in the folder "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes". This path only applies if you have installed Paint.NET in the default path.
  • Start Paint.NET new. Then, you should be able to Photoshop files open.
Adobe Photoshop is without question a lot more features than the free Paint.NET. When you Open the files, it may lead to problems and loss of information. If your Photoshop file is not with Paint.NET open, download the Demo Version of Adobe Photoshop and save the file in a different Format.

Alternative to Paint.NET

Besides Paint.Net offers Gimp has a similar functionality. With this program you can also open Photoshop files.
In Photoshop, a picture frame, create, read, in this practical tip.


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