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Photoshop: blur add - so it works

  • Sep 22, 2020
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In order for the Background, detaches nicely from the main subject, you can add in Photoshop blurring. How to do this, read here.

Blur in Photoshop - add a manual

The main subject stand out from the Background, is a combination of a long focal length and large aperture (small aperture number). In this way, the sharpness level is just in a small area. The focused subject is blurred in razor-sharp, and the Background. What is a digital SLR and an expensive zoom lens even slightly during recording to accomplish is also relatively easy on the PC with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements adjustment:
  • To do this, create a copy and mask the foreground subject. Then, you draw via "Filter" > "blur filter" > "lens blur" the Background soft.
  • To strengthen the effect of sharpening in the next step, on the masked layer to the foreground via "Filter" > "sharpen filter" > "after Unsharp mask".
  • In order to focus even more on the subject, you can Customize the Background in Black-and-White, or select "image" > "convert" > "Desaturate".
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