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Paint.NET image make transparent

  • Jul 07, 2020
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Paint.NET can make images transparent, and so, for example, backgrounds to hide. This works with the free Paint.NET particularly easy, with no complicated functions. The Details we will explain in this article.

Image in Paint.NET make it transparent

Open in Paint.NET the image in the area make it transparent like.

  1. Select from the Tool Box, the magic wand (see image) and click on the area in the Background.
  2. Thus, the surface is now transparent, you must press [Delete].
  3. Save the image as a PNG file so the transparency is secured. In the case of JPEG, the transparent area is stored, namely, for example, as white.
Paint.NET: Transparent images

Tips for transparency in Paint.NET

At best you can make the Background of an image transparent, if it has a uniform color and a distinct color from the object in the foreground is deposited. In practice this is not often the case, therefore, these tips will help:

  • Once you have clicked on the magic wand that appears below the menu bar, an additional bar with settings. Here you can set the "tolerance", how strict is the magic of the colors of the rod is to be different. It helps if the magic wand is more than just the Background removed.
  • In the best case, the Background in one color and the foreground in a different colour. There are gaps in the image so that the Background shines through - for example, angled arms - you can make these gaps even easier transparent. To do this, select in the menu next to "filling mode" the Option "Global". Thus, everything is removed with the same color.