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Nokia 9 PureView: So you are shooting in RAW Format (sponsored)

  • Sep 21, 2020
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Nokia presents the 9 PureView a treat for lovers of mobile photography. Proud of five cameras in a circle are arranged on the rear side of the device. As a result, the manufacturer offers photographers unique creative opportunities - especially if you use the Nokia 9 PureView to Save pictures in RAW Format.

Nokia 9 PureView

In short: This is RAW

By Definition, the RAW file format (from the English: raw for "raw write") Format, with the cameras data after the Digitizing without editing the memory. It is, therefore, to be a "digital Negative". The Format will differ, depending on the manufacturer, part of the type of model. Even if the processing is then more complicated, because not every program can open any RAW file – you can only get in this Format, your image unfiltered, and unprocessed.


In addition, other formats, such as JPEG save, not all the information the Sensor records. An example: In the JPEG be recorded per color channel, 256-level brightness gradation, in RAW, it, in turn, is 1,024 to 16,384 gradations.

"Crazy" - So the PureView shoots your images

Seven Openings are located at the rear of the Nokia 9 PureView: Three monochrome cameras with 12 Megapixel, dual cameras with RGB Sensors (12 Megapixel), a Time-of-Flight camera (which supports but the PureView is only the Autofocus) and LED flash. The monochrome cameras can capture more light, therefore, Nokia has used here is equal to three. All have the same focal length. This seems confusing at first glance, other manufacturers use their double cameras with different Apertures to zoom to, among other things, visually. Nokia offers a two - and a five-fold digital magnification, which is sufficient thanks to the five cameras are better than digital Zoom with only one camera.


This "crazy" concept allows the same photos with different exposures and white balance. It is a 12 Megapixel (total of 60) photo data 5 times. With multiple exposure proud to 240 megapixels of data come together even. These are put together then optimal.


With this immense amount of data that can subsequently be prima worked. You can create sharpness in a variety of Deep effects, as captured on the cameras first, everything is sharp. A further feature of the Nokia 9 PureView excellent Black-and-White images. Thanks to the monochrome Sensors, you can Know here namely a real Black-and-shoot photos, with a clear structure and regular grayscale, instead of color photos, which, afterwards, the color is removed.


The Time-of-Flight (short ToF) camera is used by other manufacturers on the front for hand gestures. Under ToF refers to 3D camera systems, which can be measured by means of the runtime procedure distances. Since these cameras are recorded in real-time, can be movements followed. Nokia, however, uses this technology as a support for the auto focus. This is thanks to the ToF faster and better.

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Black-and-White photo made with Nokia 9 PureView

The Nokia 9 PureView in Numbers

  • Performance: 6 GB of RAM, CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Display: 5,99 inch QHD + pOLED, 2K HD resolution, Corning Gorilla glass 5
  • Dimensions: 155 x 75 x 8 mm, 172 grams
  • Data: LTE, Cat16, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Memory: 128 GB internal, not expandable
  • Cameras: 5 x 12-Megapixel rear, 1 x 20-Megapixel in the front
  • Battery: 3.320 mAh, Qi Wireless Charging
  • SIM card: Single-SIM and Dual-SIM