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Negative scanning - so it works

  • Jul 07, 2020
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To archive your analog photo collection, you can get your Negatives scanned. We provide you with three digital personalization options.

Negatives with flat bed scanner to digitize

The fastest way is, the Negative with the domestic flat-bed scanner to scan. A big disadvantage of this is that The Scan is in black-and-white.

  1. You place the Negative on a flat-bed scanner.
  2. You need a uniform background lighting. Ideally, a mobile phone, Smartphone, or Tablet with white Background at the brightest level is. Apps like the Android App Tiny Flashlight to do this for you. Hobbyists can, on the basis of a simple instruction, a passive illumination you can build yourself.
  3. You place a Tablet or phone to the desired Negative and scan it.
  4. With Freeware such as GIMP or Paint.NETor the Photoshop Trial , you can now easily change the colors invert to get a Positive. Click here for the separate practice tip to invert colors.
  5. GIMP you will find as a free Download for Windows, macOS and Linux. As well Paint.NET for Windows and the 30-day trial version of Photoshop CS6.
Flatbed Scan: From Negative to Positive. With such a high quality you can expect.
(Photo/Scan: Tim Ziemer)

Negative scanning Slide and Negative Scanner

A much better result, you can with a Slide (Positive) and-Negative-scanners can be achieved.

  1. Slide and negative scanner you can find online for about 50 Euro, for quality you need to but a little deeper in the pockets and the double count. Alternatively, you can slides and Negatives with the help of the SLIDE-in Parallel capture.
  2. Typically, an external Scanner can be connected via USB to the Computer and bring your own Software for Scanning and image processing.
  3. CHIP has some high-quality devices tested.

Scanning services photo Negative

Many photo shops and service agencies to provide digitization of a film negative for a little money:

  • Photo of Porto
  • Photo vital
  • Most of the photo shops around the corner offer this Service also.