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Honor 10 Lite: how to use the Selfie-Features

  • Jul 07, 2020
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The Honor 10 Lite is all about the Selfie. In order to get the Maximum out of the powerful front camera, we show you how to use the photo Features.

On Selfies specialized: The Honor brings with him 10 Lite

The 24-Megapixel front camera, the heart of one or the other Selfie is likely to let Fans beat faster. However, this is not everything, what is the Honor 10 Lite in terms of self-portrait can do.

  • Who artist, like in the scene will have different lighting settings for his pleasure. This will find you, when the portrait mode of the camera (different camera modes are on the bottom of the screen) and in the appearing selection of the illuminationIcon is touched. This is in the middle, directly above the word portrait.
  • Now a separate selection opens the menu, where you can choose between the available light situations. In total, there are five: No lighting, "Butterfly Lighting," "Soft Lighting", "Split Lighting" and "Stage Lighting".
  • Another Feature that grabs you under the arms, the AI Beautification. The corresponding Icon you can find in the lower right corner, directly above the selection of the camera modes. You tap it, you can set a scale an embellishment of degrees from one to ten.
  • You make a Selfie, the camera independently, improvements to the photo by. This can, for example, the Removal of skin blemishes or dark circles to be.
  • The calculations of the beautification algorithm can affect you by specifying your gender, your skin tone and your age.
  • And who has in terms of Selfies, the one with two left hands, or it would be easy to do, can rely on the AI-function of the Honor. You can activate these via the "AI"-Icon in the middle of the bar at the top of the screen.