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Digital camera: batteries or batteries to buy - which is better?

  • Sep 22, 2020
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In this practice tip, you will learn what your digital camera better: battery or battery. In doing so, we place importance not only on lifespan but also on points such as comfort or environmental friendliness.

Batteries for your digital camera

Batteries have different advantages and disadvantages:
  • Batteries need a charger. So that you can be charged but again and again, as long as a power source in the mow. The chargers are already available for under 10 Euro, for larger batteries , Universal charging devices is recommended. Price around 20 Euro.
  • Note: The so-called Memory effect ensures that the runtime of the batteries decreases with the duration of use. Therefore, rechargeable batteries are worth it especially for the devices that you use for a short time. For a longer period of time, the batteries are therefore rather unsuitable.
  • Since they can be used the batteries more than batteries, batteries are more environmentally friendly.
  • Note: The charging speed of the battery charger and the battery, depending on size.
  • Tip: Old devices require a voltage of 1.5 volts, but batteries are usually only 1.2 volts voltage. Here you should set, if necessary, to a battery.
Battery Charger

Batteries for your digital camera - a good Alternative or just in case of emergency?

They should be long and without a power source in the environment, could be batteries for you will be the better solution:
  • Batteries are in the purchase cheaper than the battery and the battery charger, you can use batteries longer.
  • The batteries have a longer runtime in contrast to batteries, which show a Memory effect and self-discharge. For batteries with heat and cold get along better.
  • In contrast to batteries, you can use the batteries once, in Terms of "environmental friendliness" is a shortcoming.
  • Tip: do not Buy carbon-zinc batteries, but prefer Alkaline batteries. This does not go so quickly, but just as effective.
The batteries have both different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how long you are with your digital camera, you should opt for batteries or rechargeable batteries. Best to use a mixture of both is: do not Use batteries until they are dead. You should, by then, no power source, they use batteries. By the way, stay battery no longer "fresh" if you are in a cold environment store.