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Differences in GoPro: Mind the differences between the models

  • Jul 07, 2020
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If you want to buy an Action Cam then the GoPro is probably your first choice. However, there are now a whole range of different models from this brand. Reflecting this, we show to distinguish them in this practical tip.

GoPro: This is the difference between "Fusion" and the "HERO" models

Already the names of the two main different cameras series. The following are the main differences between the two model.

  • GoPro HERO: The HERO series represents the "normal" Action Cams, which, in turn, is in 3 classes of the be. More to the respective Differences, read more below.
  • GoPro merger: The model "Fusion" a special feature compared to the "normal" cameras: It has on both sides a camera automatically through the "over-capture"function, the image material on both sides in a 360° image is fused.
GoPro models: these are the differences
(Image: Pixabay)

GoPro Hero7: The differences between Black, Silver and White

As in any Generation of GoPro Action-Cams are also available in the current variant of the three cameras to choose from. However,"Black", "Silver" and "White" do not only differ in the color of the housing. The following differences you can expect:

  • GoPro HERO7 White: This camera is the entry model of the Action Cams from GoPro. Although it does not offer the same Features as the flagship of GoPro, however, differs very in the price to you. The HERO7 White offers 10MP photos, 1080p60 video, Standard video stabilization and 2x Slow-Motion.
  • GoPro HERO7 Silver: The medium-class model, the GoPro offers a few functions more than the entry-level model, but costs about 100 € more. The HERO7 Silver offers 10MP photos, 4K30 Videos, Standard video stabilization, 2x Slow-Motion and GPS function.
  • GoPro HERO7 Black: The flagship of the GoPro costs the most, but also much more functions than the other models. The HERO7 Black offers 12MP photos, 4K60 video, "Hyper-smooth"video stabilization, 8x Slow-Motion and GPS function.
  • Furthermore, you can use the Black version the Video live stream, TimeWarp-create Videos, and by voice input enable. In addition, there are on the lens side of the camera, a small screen that displays current settings.
  • The camera also benefits by "super photo" - which your photos will be automatically optimized - a powerful GP1-Chip, as well as a compatibility with the drone "Karma" and the dive housing "Super Suit".
  • A further feature of the GoPro HERO7 Black is the replaceable battery. You should be longer on the road, so you can carry multiple batteries and on-the-go easy to replace.
GoPro HERO7: So Black, Silver and White are different
(Image: Puia Zahedi)

GoPro HERO7: it is the similarities that have "Black", "Silver" and "White"

In addition to the above-mentioned Differences, there are also many similarities. So many of the Features of the "Black" in the "Silver" and "White" available. These include the Following:

  • Built-in 2-inch Touchscreen with Touch-Zoom function
  • Built-In Voice Control
  • Option for automatic Download of the files on your Smartphone
  • Time-Lapse Video

GoPro merger: This makes them particularly

The GoPro merger with 360-degree function, a distinctive feature among the models.

  • The Fusion shoots 18 Megapixel photos and 5,2K30 Videos.
  • The fact that a 360-degree image is created, the video stabilization spherical: A loss of picture due to digital stabilization, so you see here.
  • With 360 degree shots, you are not bound only to 360-degree Videos: you can edit afterwards with "over-capture" of your Videos, and this results in a normal Video, in the best perspective.
  • By 4 built-in microphones, a Stereo Sound is not possible, but also a 360-degree Sound. If you watch the Video, the Sound is thus also suitable to the perspective you choose.
  • Also, the Fusion offers the Hero7 Black the ability to replace the battery. Also, 2 Micro SD cards fit in the camera that can offer you even more storage capacity.