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Bleach Bypass effect in Photoshop create - how it works

  • Sep 26, 2020
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With the "Bleach Bypass effect" produced rich, among others, Steven Spielberg in "saving private Ryan“ a contrast, saturation, poor Look. This effect allows you to simulate with Photoshop easily. How to do this, read this practical tip.

Bleach Bypass effect in Photoshop, create

The "Bleach Bypass effect" or "bleaching omission" makes for sharp contrasts when possible, a Matt colour. It in Photoshop to recreate, only a few steps are necessary.
  • Load an image and duplicate the background layer. Then set the layer mode to "overlay".
  • Add an adjustment layer "hue/saturation" and reduce the saturation to "-50".
  • Now, one last adjustment "levels" layer and add the image to whiten, by dragging the middle Slider a little to the right.
  • The actual effect is created already. With the adjustment layer "curves" you can darken the image in addition, and lights strong highlight.
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