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Word: The user has no access right - it's

  • Jul 01, 2020
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The error in the Word "The user does not have access has the right" you can fix very easy. Depending on the cause of the problem, you need to approach this a little differently. We will show you in this guide, all solution paths.

"The user has no access right": As you solve the Problem

The message "The document cannot be opened by Word. The user has no access rights" appears also in several attempts to open the file. But not always, the file is locked for other users:
  1. You can open any folder on the Computer and find the Word document.
  2. You need to access, in many cases, on the C drive to the files in another user's account.
  3. Here, you will be prompted to access the data of the other user as the Administrator to confirm (see image below).
  4. As an Administrator, you can access the user's files and the Word document open.
Word: access denied

The rights to access the Word file to check

  1. You can't open the file still, call this in the Explorer (folder menu).
  2. Click on the file with the right mouse button and select "properties".
  3. Now select the "security" tab and click in the upper box type your user name.
  4. In the lower box, you will see that you have all the permissions.
  5. You lack permissions, you can do this as an Administrator on the "edit" Button to change.
Word: No Access Right
On the next page, we can help, if you Windows even disk access denied.