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Word: signature - how to

  • Aug 12, 2020
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Insert a signature in a Word document just in business Writing is necessary. However, in the case of regular documents, a signature looks more professional. We will explain how you can insert the signature in Word.

Word – insert signature easily

A Word document can you provided with your signature. For the first variant, you will need a Scanner or a Smartphone with a document Scanner App.

  • First of all, you are putting your signature on a sheet of paper. This is a scan with a high resolution, so the signature has a good quality.
  • Then, edit the image file with an image editing program, such as, for example, Paint.net. With the help of Paint quickly change the image size to the desired level.
  • Save the image file as a JPEG with a high resolution.
  • Your signature on the colored Word documents look good, make them with GIMP the Background is transparent. To do this, you separate the Scripture from the substrate so that it surrounds no white Background anymore. You can use a stick to Select the spell and then delete the Background with the "Remove"key on your keyboard.
  • Save the image as a PNG file so the transparency is preserved.
  • Finally, select the folder where you have saved your signature, and paste the signature into your Word document.
  • You want to put your signature in a Word document, go to: Insert>illustrations>picture.
Word: Online document with a signature to insert.
(Image: Screenshot)

Word document – a signature line insert

Print the document as it is, it lends itself to, it is manually signed. In the case you can complete the signature with a signature line.

  • First, click on the point where you want your signature later place. Then go to Insert>Text>signature line.
  • After you have selected the Option "Microsoft Office signature line", to give you what should be under your signature later. Do not forget to confirm your entries afterwards with "OK".
  • Tip: To make a digital signature to insert, double click on the signature line, then you get some Links to certification.
  • A good Alternative to the signature line, is a Word-text boxthat give you more individual design possibilities.
To add a signature line in Microsoft Word.
(Image: Screenshot)


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