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Word: per thousand characters - so it goes

  • Aug 10, 2020
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You want to type in the Word Microsoft Office a per Mille sign, it is only the first Time awkward. We will show you how to insert easily special characters.

The per Mille character as a special character

As with most word-processing programs, see the per Mille character in Microsoft Word special characters:
  • For the first Time, a per Mille character in your Text insert it using the menu "Insert" -> "special characters".
  • You have to pretty much have to scroll far down until you find the sign. Click on it, it is automatically inserted into your Text.

Per thousand characters in the Word auto-correction set

Since it is quite cumbersome to search each time the per Mille character in the special characters, we show you how to do it for other texts easier.
  • Select the just added, parts per thousand characters.
  • Click in the menu "Extras" to the point "auto-correction".
  • In the tab "Replace" in the first field, the percent sign "%" followed by a "0" (%0). In the field next to it should now stand for the per thousand sign"‰", there you have it marked in the Text. Now click on "New".
  • You need to have in the future, a per Mille characters in your Text, it is sufficient if you enter the percent sign "%" with a "0" behind it. Auto-correction transforms the string automatically in the per Mille sign "‰"
Would you like more tips and Tricks for the text processing program Word learn to read you, as you only individual pages in Word to save.