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Word: comments anonymize - how to

  • Sep 22, 2020
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In Microsoft Word, you can anonymize all your comments. So, other users can't see which comments come from you. We will reveal how you can anonymize in different versions of Word your comments.

Word 2016 and later: comments anonymize

Create a comment in Word, by default, your Name will be displayed. You do not want that you need to anonymize the comment.

  1. In Word 2016, and newer versions to do this, open the desired document and left click on the tab "file".
  2. Then click on the Button "problems to check" in "check document".
  3. Select in the Drop-Down menu, select "check document".
  4. In the new window you have all hooks enabled, and click on "Check".
  5. Once the scanning is completed, click next to "document properties and personal information" on the Button "delete All". Then all the comments are anonymous.
Word: the document examination can be comments anonymous.
(Image: Screenshot)

Comments in older versions of Word to anonymize

In older versions of Word, you can make anonymous comments. The approach, however, is slightly different than the latest Office programs.

  1. You can open in Word, the anonymizing document.
  2. In the top left, click the button on the Office.
  3. Select "Prepare" the entry "document check".
  4. Then click on "Check" and wait until the process is completed.
  5. Finally, you click next to "document properties and personal information" click the button "remove All". As soon as you return to the document are anonymized all the comments.