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Table in Word insert

  • Aug 12, 2020
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There are many ways that a table in your Word document to include. You can select the already pre-made table templates or by using the table menu, the number of rows and columns manually determine. So the roadmap tables, data tables, or period systems, for example, contiguous order.

The command "table" in Word

In Word tables, to insert in different size, you only need a couple of clicks:
  1. After you have selected in the document where the table is to be inserted, in the menu click on the Button "Insert" and click on "table".
  2. It opens a box preview, you now can determine individually the number of rows and columns of your table. The coloured boxes reflect the height and width of the table. With one click, you confirm everything and your table is created.
Table in Word

The command "insert table..." in Word

You want to determine manually the number of rows and columns of your table, then it goes like this:
  1. In the menu go to the Button "Insert" and "table".
  2. There is a new checkbox in the "insert table..." and using the numeric keypad, the desired values for columns and rows to enter. With a click on "OK" will apply your information.

Table templates in Word use

Under "quick tables" is already pre-formatted calendar tables, and double tables, which are taken in your document, but the content changed can be.
  1. Click as explained in paragraph 1 on the Button "Insert" and then "table".
  2. Now select "quick tables" where you can choose between various proposals can choose - for example, calendar sheets or matrices. With one click, confirm your choice and the table will be inserted into the Word document.
Quick table in Word
The instructions and Screenshots apply to Microsoft Word 2010.


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