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Powerpoint to GIF convert - how to

  • Jan 19, 2020
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You want to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a GIF, it works directly in PowerPoint, and also externally via a web page. We provide you with both options.

PowerPoint: slides individually in GIF files convert

  1. You open the presentation and click in the top left under "file" to "Save as".
  2. Select the desired location and change the "file type" to "GIF".
  3. Click on the "Save" Button, you can save either the current slide or all slides as GIF.
  4. Note that PowerPoint created no coherent Animation, but each individual slide to a GIF transforms.
  5. Tip: you Want the whole presentation of the play, it is much easier the PowerPoint presentation as a Video to save.
PowerPoint as a GIF save

PowerPoint presentation online in GIF convert

On the website Zamzar.com you can upload your presentation and get the GIF then by Mail. You can use Office 2003 or older, use this Link.
  1. Open the site of Zamzar and click on the Button "choose file".
  2. Locate the presentation on your PC and then select the Format "gif".
  3. Type in your e-Mail address and click the Button "Convert".
  4. The presentation will be uploaded, converted, and then via e-Mail sent to you.
  5. Note: Under certain circumstances, the sending of the Mail may take a few minutes.
Convert PowerPoint to GIF
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