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PowerPoint: resolution of the slides change

  • Jul 02, 2020
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How you can change in Microsoft PowerPoint, the resolution of your slides, read this guide.

Resolution of slides in PowerPoint to change

Especially in the case of a presentation with a lot of image-heavy slides, it is useful to reduce the resolution of the slides. Thus, you ensure that the slides will load faster and your presentation runs smoothly:
  1. First start "PowerPoint" and open your document for which you resolution want to change.
  2. Then go to the menu bar, click "slide show" and click the far right Option "resolution" on the right arrow (see image).
  3. You can set a desired resolution for your PowerPoint presentation. Note that the level of detail decreases as the degree of your slides, the smaller the resolution is.
  4. Start a trial run of your on-screen presentation with the key [F5] and check whether the chosen resolution for your slides like. You can change the resolution, if passed easily.
PowerPoint resolution change
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