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PowerPoint: presentation on two screens

  • Oct 14, 2020
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How you can make your PowerPoint presentation on two screens we will explain in this practical tip.

PowerPoint presentation on two screens

With "PowerPoint", you can, among other things, your presentation on two screens give. We will show you how to do this:
  1. Open your presentation in "PowerPoint"
  2. Click in the menu bar on the tab "slide show" and then on "slide show setup". It will open a new window (see photo).
  3. Set in the section "Multiple monitors" under "slide show:" the Option "screen 2PNP-Monitor(Standard)".
  4. Then put a tick in "presentation view". Note that these settings are only available if you have connected the second screen or Beamer.
PowerPoint on two monitors

PowerPoint presentation for two screens free

Once you have set the Hack in "presentation view" to enter the presentation menu.
  • If you have made the connection with a projector by using the key combination [Ctrl] + [P], you just have to set in "Multiple Display" setting is set to "extend These Displays". Confirm your input with "Ok" (see Screenshot).
  • Alternatively, you can also choose the Option "duplicate These Displays". So the presentation appears to be goals on both monitors, however, Windows duplicates, as all of your other activities on the second screen.
Office: Screen Settings
How you as a speaker only for the visible notes in your PowerPoint presentation, you can insert, you'll learn in the next tip.