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Powerpoint presentation in black-and-white pose

  • Jul 11, 2020
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In this practical tip we show you how you can present a Powerpoint presentation in black-and-white. So you deal, for example, the poor color representation of an older beamer.

Presentation in Powerpoint black-and-white pose

Your presentation in black-and-white display, first open a Powerpoint file and then follow these steps:
  1. Open in the top menu bar the "view"tab.
  2. Click under the column "color/grayscale" to "grayscale", the presentations represent black-and-stages-and-white with different bright grey.
  3. You want to know your presentation in a level-free black, choose "black and white". This presentation looks at the colorful presentations, however in most cases exactly like the grayscale version.
Powerpoint: black-and-white pose
This practical tip is based on MS-Office Powerpoint 2007. If you have an older Version of Powerpoint, you will find the PowerPoint Viewer, you are also new .pptx files can view. In addition, we will show you in another article, 10 tips for Powerpoint presentations, to be even more convincing to speak.