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PowerPoint: change Layout - here's how

  • Aug 04, 2020
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How you can change the Layout of your PowerPoint, we will explain in this practical tip.

PowerPoint: slide Layout change

The presentation program "PowerPoint" from the house of Microsoft has not only numerous Features, but also different Layouts for your individual presentation. We will show you how to set it up and can use:
  1. Start PowerPoint and open the desired document.
  2. Select on the left of the vertical slide bar to your slides that you want to change the Layout and then go to the menu bar, click "Start".
  3. Click to the right of "Layout" on the small black arrow to a suitable Layout to choose (see photo). PowerPoint will then automatically place the selected Design.
Change Layout in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Layouts set the scene

After you have set the desired Layout for your slides, you can select the appropriate slide design for your PowerPoint presentation. Thus, you can ensure that your Layout comes properly to the fore, and not visually lost:
  1. Under the Option "design" you will find numerous design templates that you can use for your presentation. After you have decided which, the Design for all your slides to change without your prior Layout settings.
  2. If you have not found a suitable Design, you can also use a own Design (see photo). Just click on "Design search" and select your desired image.
PowerPoint Design choose
Deposit your PowerPoint presentation with your own music, ensure you in addition to your Layout for even more individuality.