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OneNote tutorial: tips for getting started

  • Aug 09, 2020
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In this OneNote tutorial we will give you tips to get you started. OneNote is a note taking application for various devices. It exists in addition to an Online Version, a Windows Software as well as Apps for Apple devices and Android Smartphones. Sync your notes on all your devices, to be able to OneNote mobile use.

OneNote-getting started: notebooks and notes - instructions

The application is now for free. You can OneNote 2013 , regardless of Office on your Computer and other devices. The initial runs with OneNote is relatively easy. With the following steps, you will create your first notebook.

  1. In OneNote, click "Private notebook" and "notebook" add. At this point, you specify the notebook name and confirm.
  2. You create the notebook in your Cloud, so under "OneDrive - Personal", if the notebook to be in sync, and is thus also available on other devices is supposed to be. As a Backup, this Option is recommended.
  3. It is a kind of wall opens now. Here, you can add them via "Insert" and "Draw" a waste of eidenste notes, text areas, tables, or images.
  4. The different elements on the wall then move it anywhere you want.
  5. In addition to the "New section 1" you will find a Plus icon, you can add in the note-book of multiple pages.
  6. You can access OneNote on your Windows Computer with the Shortcut [Windows]+[N].
  7. Note: This description applies to OneNote 2013 for Windows.
OneNote: note-book create

Sync OneNote with other devices

The synchronization of OneNote notebooks via the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Log in to your various OneNote Apps with your Microsoft Account to get access to your notes.
  • In the Windows App, you can view in the top left on "file" and then on the left bottom on "account" in your Account.
  • If you are not logged in at this point, then you do this via the "Login"Button. You have probably already have a Microsoft Account. In a separate article, you will learn what you can do if your forgot password to have.
  • In the Smartphone Apps login using the same Microsoft Account. The notebooks are then displayed on your Smartphone.
  • The registration takes place at the Apps for the Start of the applications. You can see in the settings of the App to your account and also the Account switch.
OneNote Synchronization: Sign Up

In the next article, you can find more practical tips for OneNote.


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