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Envelope label - with these templates, it works

  • Aug 04, 2020
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How to label an envelope in Word, read in this practical tip. Here we will show you another way that you can label the envelopes quickly and easily.

Envelope label templates from Word

In the example, templates of Word, you can already find helpful labels to help you Label the envelope:
  1. Click on the "file" tab and then click the "New" Button that appears in the bar at the left edge. Now you will see all available Office.com-templates.
  2. Open the folder "labels", which is equal to ranks in the second line.
  3. Now go to "channels and Deliver" and then on "Business". Here you can choose between different shipping labels, which you can download by clicking on "Download" under the right preview screen.
  4. Then the pattern as a Word document will open and you can individually to the sender and receiver to enter data.
The instructions refer to Microsoft Word 2010.