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CSV file import in Excel

  • Feb 09, 2020
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CSV files you can easily open with MS Excel. We introduce you to two methods - a simple and challenging for more complex csv files

Very simple: a CSV file from Excel open

You want to open a CSV file on your PC, you can do this in two different Ways. MS Excel is started already, click the top left tab "file".
  1. Here you will find the command "Open".
  2. In the next window, browse to the location of the file. However, make sure that you have selected the file type "text files (...csv)". Otherwise, you will only see Excel files.
  3. With a double click you open the file.
CSV file in Excel start

CSV file import for professionals

In MS Excel there is also a special function for the csv Import. Advantage here: you can configure the text import wizard, the target format, and also heterogeneous csv data from Excel process.
  • Under the "data" tab find the item "Text". With a click of the mouse on it, it opens a window.
  • Navigate to the location. With a double click or selecting "Import" to open the CSV file. With this method, you don't need to pay attention to the file format. Here it is on the CSV files in advance to set.
  • Now the text conversion wizard opens. There you can specify the separator character used in the source csv of individual records separated, or the data type of the columns in the target file, configure.
  • Like the Detail work in this practice tip on the example of the date format will be explained.
CSV file import

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Csv file import in excel
In our tip we used MS Excel 2010. Other versions can result in different approach.