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Sync Google calendar with iCal

  • Jan 07, 2020
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The following instructions explain step by step how to sync Google calendar with iCal. The Google calendar is well-suited to synchronize events between devices with different platforms such as Android and Mac. You can see in iCal on the Macbook and edit events. All you need is your Apple device and the access data for the Google Account

Sync Google calendar with iCal

In a few steps you have all your appointments in Apple calendar. Work through the following points successively:
  1. Open the iCal or calendar App
  2. Click in the menu bar, click "calendar" and then on "add Account".
  3. Select at this point "Google" and click on the Button "Continue".
  4. Log in, then in Google and click on "Accept".
  5. Here you can select "calendar" and click on "Finish".
Google calendar add to iCal

Which calendars to sync with iCal?

By default, only the main calendar is synced in iCal. However, you can also set other additional calendar for synchronization.
  1. Do this on the following page.
  2. There you can set the calendar in sync with iCal.
  3. Save Changes with the Button "Save".
Google Calendar Synchronization
These instructions apply to Mac OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.4. Read also, how to you in Mac OS X public holidays in the calendar view.


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