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Safari: Blocked Flash plug - in to fix the Problem

  • Aug 07, 2020
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No Videos, Browser games, or animated elements: A blocked Flash plug-in in Safari ensures that almost anything goes. The Flash Player, you can reactivate it but with just a few clicks. We will show you how it works.

Blocked Flash plug-in in Safari update

An outdated Flash plug-in is a high security risk. Therefore, Safari is blocking the extension automatically. To be able to the Flash Player, you need to update the Plugin itself:
  1. Click the message on the Download page of Flash Player to enter.
  2. Download the latest Version and run the Setup. Before installing, you should close Safari completely.
Out of date Flash Player in Safari

Flash Plugin update to obsolete Macs

Current Flash versions usually require the latest Version of the Safari browser. You can always self-update.
  • However, the new Browser versions no longer run on any Mac. If you have an old Apple Computer, you should think about a change.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a different Browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome access. You don't warn even before the outdated Plugin blocking the Flash Player completely.
Many web sites now support the new HTML5 Standard. So you can, for example, YouTube Videos without Flash Player watch.