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Project management Software for the Mac compared

  • Sep 25, 2020
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In addition to the well-known solutions for Windows PCs is also available for the Mac project management Software. The best three solutions we present in this comparison:

1. Merlin project management Software for the Mac

"Merlin" is one on the Mac, one of the leading programs in project management. The Software offers all the Features that comprehensive project planning is necessary and is sold with various license models. The offer, from simple single-room versions of the above Server models for a plurality of users to modules, which allow you to edit projects on the iPhone.
  • flexible licensing model, what is a precise adjustment to the customer's needs allows
  • iPhone module for the mobile processing of projects.
  • very good template, portfolio
  • extensive import filters
  • good Management of deviations to the original project planning
  • A free demo version can here be downloaded.
Project management with the Mac

2. FastTrack Schedule: Platform Plan Across All

"FastTrack Schedule", is characterized by simple operation and a function to scope out to see. The program runs on both the Mac and on Windows PCs, what is a group work on different platforms makes it possible.
  • runs on both the Mac and on Windows
  • graduated license model for different company's and group sizes
  • good templates are included
  • weak Online documentation
  • Training courses (for a fee) on-site possible
  • Access to the free demo version allows you to the Homapage of the manufacturer's request.
Fasttrack for Windows and Mac

3. OnePoint PROJECTS: a modular System for every need

"OnePoint" is in multiple editions. In addition to large-scale Enterprise solutions, in the case where the price is individually negotiated, the manufacturer offers a new licensing model for small project groups for 1.499,00 Euro and a Free Version for Non-Profit organizations and trainees. The different editions vary considerably in the scope of the function.
  • for private users a free project planning
  • very good documentation
  • extensive import function
  • various templates for projects
  • optional licensing of additional modules possible
  • A free trial version can here be downloaded.
Flexible Project Management
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