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OS X Mavericks: Deleted user restore

  • Aug 10, 2019
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Under OS X Mavericks, you can restore a deleted user at any time, if you have made a backup copy of the user folder. Depending on the file format, there are then two possible solutions for recovery. In our practice tip, you know how it works.

Deleted user on Mavericks from Image file restore

First of all, a backup image of a user's folder is necessary, a user to restore. As before the deletion of your user folder as the save a copy as you will learn in this practical tip in step 6.
  1. You initially enter in the Spotlight search at the top right of the keyword "user" and select the first hit in the Form of the folder "user".
  2. Here, you can now open the sub-folder "Deleted users", and then press via double-clicking on the particular DMG-file of the deleted user (See image). Now the content of the backed-up user folder will open.
  3. In the "users" folder create a new folder for your user, by clicking in the system tray "and then" New folder "bar at the top". As a label, simply enter the name of the new user.
  4. The contents of the in step 2 identified backup folder you copy now in your step 3, and then created a new folder by selecting all the files with the key combination "CMD+A" and then "CMD+C" press. In the new user folder, you must then press on "CMD+V".
  5. Next, open in your Dock, system preferences and select the menu item "users & groups". Here you press on the left side on the lock icon, your Administrator password.
  6. Then press on the Plus icon to create a new user to add. Enter your information and choose a name that resembles the name of your backed-up Image file. At the end press "create user".
  7. Now select on the left side of your user, and then press right-click on your user name. In the window that appears, then open the "Advanced options ...".
  8. Under "user folder" now select your in step 3 created folder.
OS X Mavericks: user Image

OS X Mavericks: user-recovery via user folder

If you have saved your information in a user's folder, simply open again your "users" folder as described in step 1 and select your user folder, with the suffix "(Deleted)". This addition you need to remove, so the term is again identical to the user name. Then, you simply perform all the steps of this procedure from step 5.
In the next practice tip, you will learn how you can under OS X Mavericks, an e-mail save as PDF.