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OS X Mavericks: Dashboard Widget install

  • Oct 23, 2020
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You can install OS X Mavericks new Widgets for your Dashboard and so, special features to enjoy. In a special Apple Store you will find many Widgets for you to Download. How to install this, you can learn in our practical tip.

OS X Mavericks: Widgets for your Dashboard to install

A great selection of Widgets can be found here. After you have chosen a category and a Widget, you just have to click on "Download".
  1. The downloaded file, you can install it now by double-clicking (see image).
  2. If the file can not be installed, you need to enter in the system preferences sharing for the Installation of Apps from unverified developers free.
  3. Open system preferences in your Dock.
  4. Here, you select the menu item "security".
  5. Now click on the lock icon and enter your Administrator password.
  6. Now then, under "allow applications downloaded from" to "No restrictions" and then close system preferences.
  7. Now all Widgets are installable.
In the next practice tip, you will learn how you on OS X Mabericks protected files delete.