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Network with the Mac OS X setup - so it goes

  • Aug 07, 2019
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In this practical tip we will explain how to setup Mac OS X networks.

Network under Mac OS X to join

  1. Click in the bar at the top right of the network icon. You may have to enable Wi-Fi first, then click on "enable WLAN"
  2. You all the networks are displayed, which are all in close proximity.
  3. Click on your network.
  4. The network password will be prompted to enter. Put a check in "remember This network" if you don't want to enter each time anew the password.
  5. Click on "Connect".
Wi-Fi enable

Network is not displayed

  1. If your network does not appear in the list (for example, because your network SSID is set to invisible), then click in the opened menu, click "join other network".
  2. To enter the network name and the security type of the network. This information is not known, so log in to the configuration menu of your router. Read this on how you configure your Router.
  3. Then click "Connect".
  4. Enter your network password and confirm.
Network find

Own home network with Mac OS X setting up

  1. You want to set up a small private network, then click on the Wi-Fi icon in the top right.
  2. Choose create instead, a "network".
  3. Enter the network name, channel and security type. Select the security type to 128-Bit WEP and enter a 13-digit password. The channel, you can leave the Default setting "11".
  4. Click on "Create".
  5. You will be automatically logged in to the newly created network.
  6. On the network icon in the desktop bar at the top right, you can connect to the respective networks.
Network create
In a further practical tip we will explain you how to PC and Mac in the network.