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MacFuse uninstall - this is how it works

  • Jul 13, 2020
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If you want to uninstall MacFuse, which can sometimes be a little tricky. The extension allows you to read Mac OS X operating system to other file systems and to describe. Since MacFuse is free, it is used by users to obtain full access to the Windows NTFS file system. However, MacFuse is no longer maintained for some time by the developers and the support for the newer versions of MacOS is virtually non-existent. So if you want to change to an alternative driver, such as, for example, NTFS Paragon, do you want to uninstall MacFuse in General. How do you manage this successfully, read this practical tip.

The system extension MacFuse uninstall

First, you should let the Board own uninstall feature go through.
  1. Open the "system settings".
  2. Click on the Button "Remove MacFUSE". This removes all of the components of the driver up on the Icon in the system settings.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the Icon and select the Option "system setting MacFUSE remove".
The Uninstall process should be aborted with an error message, there are other ways MacFuse to get rid of. For example, you could an uninstall Tool like AppCleaner to use in order to from unpopular programs like MacFuse to free. They were, however, aware that such programs are very deeply intertwined into the System and, therefore, enjoy with caution. How to use the AppCleaner use, read here in the third paragraph.