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MacBook with Epiano/ Keyboard connect

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Especially for musicians, it is interesting to connect the Epiano directly with the MacBook and can in this way record Songs. How this works, we show in this guide.

Midi connection between the Epiano and MacBook

First of all, you need the right Hardware: a MacBook, a electric piano/Keyboard with Midi or USB output you will need a Midi to USB cable (price approx. € 6.50) or a suitable USB to USB cable (1 Meter or 3 meters). Basically, a Midi cable is recommended, as there the latency is lower. Connect follows all of the devices now such as:
  • You plug the Midi In connector of the cable into the Midi Out Jack of the Epianos. The Midi-Out port in the Midi In Jack of the piano.
  • The USB port you plug in as usual in a free USB port on the MacBooks.
  • Depending on which Adapter you use, should be lights to the Adapter and the MacBook recognized.
Real Midi connector on the Epiano

Epiano on the MacBook set up

Now that you have connected your devices together, you need the right Software. Best is the in-house Apple Software Garageband.
  1. Open Garageband and select new project, for example, "Keyboard collection".
  2. If you now connect the Midi Adapter, you will automatically receive a message that a new Midi device has been detected.
  3. Then, select a new track. As soon as you press a button on the Epiano, it is played back in the MacBook.
The default settings are sufficient
How to use the notes of your finished song export as PDF can be read in this practical tip.