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MacBook: fan is broken - what to do?

  • Jul 13, 2020
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The fan is broken, it means: nimble, the MacBook off, and a new fan get. You have to trust the repair yourself, you need to bring your MacBook in for repair before, you should not continue to work with it.

You can do with a broken MacBook-fan

With a broken fan, you will not be able to use the MacBook more. If you bring sufficient experience, you can replace the fan yourself, you should first check, however, whether the warranty is already expired.
  • You want to create yourself, as always, when Working on the open device, to remove both the power supply and the battery.
  • Before you turn on the fan to remove and buy a new one, is it worth it, for the time being, the MacBook fan a thorough clean.
  • The cleaning the Situation does not improve, gives you the free program Mactracker information about which fan you need for your MacBook need. You do not start the program on a different computer to test the defective MacBook more. Otherwise, you should use the term as short as possible keep your MacBook as external cooling.
  • You want the fans prefer to have them installed, you can only once at the Apple Store in your area apply.
The Apple MacBook Pro
Were you already a new MacBook to indulge and now have the opportunity to use your old MacBook to sell, we still have a couple of tips prepared for you.