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MacBook: External microphone, connect - is it possible?

  • Jul 30, 2020
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You want to connect a microphone to your MacBook, does it not work usually on the first try. We will show you under what conditions your MacBook with the micro-can will work.

External microphone on the MacBook to use

  • Especially in older MacBooks, you can use the audio Jack for both input as well as output device. How this works, we will show you in the next paragraph.
  • This will not work in your MacBook, it is on the correct microphone. The microphone features an internal Adapter, it also works on the MacBook. However, this is usually only in the case of Headsets in the case.
  • As a last resort, the use of an external sound card for you. This is about as big as a USB Stick, and is simply connected via USB to the MacBook. The microphone then connect to the external sound card. Devices such as the Speedlink Vigo are around 10 euros and also with MacBooks compatible.
Hama: External USB sound card

MacBook: Audio output to Audio input switch

You plug in a device with a stereo plug into your MacBook, it will be automatically used for the Audio output. With the right setting, the Audio is switched to output to the Audio input. On newer MacBooks this does not work anymore under certain circumstances.
  1. Plug the microphone in your MacBook and open the "system settings".
  2. Under the category "settings" you will now find the Option "sound".
  3. You can switch to the tab "input" and select next to "Audio Port for" Option in "sound input".
  4. The type of changes then from "Internal microphone/input (built-in)" in the "Line-In/input (built-in)".
In the next practical tip we will show you how to use the internal micro of the Mac to activate.