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MacBook Air: battery swap can - click here

  • Aug 05, 2020
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The battery of your MacBook Air is damaged, or runs only for a very short, you can make the component swap. We'll show you where it goes and what it costs.

MacBook Air: battery for Apple replace

  • The battery has already given up on within the one-year warranty time of the spirit, this is a case for Apple. The exchange in this case is free of charge.
  • The MacBook Air is older or if the damage is not a case for the warranty, the cost of replacement in the case of Apple currently 129 Euro.
  • To do this, you must have a appointment at the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store to make. Alternatively, you can at an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized Service Provider a look.
  • The device does not go to, you can also send the appliance by Post. The following Apple website you can make a phone call to agree, in which all the necessary information about the shipment to receive.
Apple: MacBook Air battery swap

MacBook Air: battery swap can - click here

  • There are only a few providers, the switch to a MacBook Air battery at all. One of them is JustCom - there you can use your MacBook also send by Post. For about 120 Euro, you can leave your MacBook Air, one chicken, and the battery repair.
  • Are you looking for a repair service in your area to help you with a Google search as "MacBook Air repair in Hamburg". Unfortunately a provider to exchange the battery on a MacBook Air.
In the next practical tip we will show you how to use the delete key on the MacBook retrofit.