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Mac with regular keyboard use - the best tips

  • Jul 13, 2020
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Your Mac can also be used with a normal keyboard. We have compiled the best tips for you:

Windows key instead of control for Mac on the normal keyboard

For the usual keyboard shortcuts with the Command key (CMD) on Mac, you need to use the normal Keyboard, the Windows key.
  • Key command to Copy: [Windows] + [C]
  • Key command to Insert: the [Windows] + [V]
  • Key command for the cut: [Windows] + [X]
[CMD]-command button on your Mac

New key assignment in Mac

The symbols on the keyboard do not match, as soon as you connect it to your Mac. We show you the most important symbols.
  • Square brackets "[" and "]" use [ALT Gr] + [5] and [ALT] + [6].
  • The separator "|" create with [ALT Gr] + [6].
  • Braces you can insert using [ALT Gr] + [8] and [ALT] + [9].
  • The "@" Symbol you can create by pressing [ALT Gr] and [L].
  • Press [F12] to throw you under Mac is a CD from the drive.
Windows Keyboard
In a further practical tip we will show you how you Mac PDFs merge can.