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Mac volume control Sound disable

  • Sep 03, 2019
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In this practice tip, you will learn how to disable Mac the Sound of the volume control. We explain in this practical tip on how to change the volume, without causing a sound.

To disable the volume control Sound on your Mac

You can customize the signal tones in Mac as in Windows individually. The next steps tell you how to use the volume control without going through the Mac-specific noise to attract attention.
  1. To do this, open the system settings by tapping on the Apple icon and "system preferences..." option.
  2. Navigate to the "sound".
  3. Under "sound effects" to remove the checkmark next to "When you Change the volume, play a sound".
  4. Alternatively, move the Slider for the alert in the "alert volume" to the left, only to be quiet on the Changes pointed out.
Mac: Volume Control-Sound
The manual applies to Mac OS X 10.9.4 on a MacBook Air. Other versions and devices may appear different. In further articles we will explain you how you Mac the tone for Skype off , and the sound in Apple Mail change.