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Mac: Update error 1012 - what to do?

  • Aug 14, 2020
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In this practical tip we will explain to you, what can you do if you find on your Mac, the Update error 1012. This error is very often a temporary Apple Problem. The error, however, is longer, we can help you with this guide.

Mac: NSURLErrorDomain Error - 1012

The error appears if you want to update your Mac. In the exact wording he is usually called "NSURLErrorDomain error-1012".
  1. First of all, It may well be that you will get the error message because of a temporary Overload on the Apple Server. It is possible that you can later import again without problems with a Mac Update.
  2. If you get this error always, try to circumvent this by switching off your Anti-virus program.
  3. Go back in the port again to the Updates. After Download and Installation of Updates, you can enable the antivirus protection again.
Apple Store: Mac Update Error
If the error 8003 on your Mac , then has something to do with your trash to do.