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Mac: Skype can't finish - what to do?

  • Aug 10, 2020
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If Skype is on your Mac, don't quit, help you with our tips.

Skype on Mac: Old Version prevents the Exit

If you can't exit Skype, it might be because you have not installed the latest Version of Skype.
  1. Click in the toolbar on the "App Store" and then on "Updates".
  2. If Skype is listed there, click on the "Update"Button.
  3. The Update of Skype is now played.
  4. There is no update available, you can the latest Version of Skype here, download and install it manually.
Skype: latest Version

Skype on the Mac dock stop bar

If you have been trying to stop Skype easily, you can use the "Quit"function in the Mac dock bar.
  1. Click on the Skype icon in the dock bar.
  2. Press and hold the mouse button until a menu is pressed to open.
  3. Click on "Finish".
  4. Also this does not work, try the key combination [Cmd]+[q] while you have opened Skype.
Skype on the Mac end
In the next tip we will explain how you on Skype on Mac completely log off.