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Mac: Save as here you will find the function

  • Jan 19, 2020
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"Save" is also available on the Mac. We show you where to find the function.

"Save as" on Mac

Just like in Windows, you will find in most of the programs under the menu tab "file" the function "Save as...".
  • Word: you Have opened for example in Microsoft Office Word, you will find at the top of the screen in the menu-bar item "file". Click on it, it opens a selection in the Save even as... find.
  • Chrome: Surf the web with Google Chrome through the Web, you can save pages with the "Save as...". Here you will find in the top menu bar under "file" the entry "Save page as...".
  • Otherwise, the Mac's own programs, such as Safari and Pages. Learn more about this in the next paragraph.

Special location on your Mac – how to

For example, if you create with the program "Pages" on a new document, you can specify one of the following the location of the document – so the "Save as"- " run " function.
  1. In the menu, click on "file"
  2. Here you choose "Save".
  3. There is a window with "Save as" will now appear. Click on the down arrow next to the file name.
  4. Here, you can now navigate on your hard drive, and a suitable place to choose.
  5. Finally, save by clicking "Save".
Save on the Mac
We will tell you how you a Pages document to a Word document convert it.