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Mac: RSS Feeds - how to

  • Jul 30, 2020
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Under Mac OS X Yosemite, you can subscribe to RSS Feeds for Safari. The current Version of Safari no longer supports RSS Feeds, which is why the Installation of third-party applications in the future is necessary. In our today's practice tip and learn how it works.

RSS Feeds via Safari subscribe to

The latest Safari in OS X Yosemite, a own RSS-Feed-function. In this way, you can subscribe to RSS Feeds directly in Safari.
  1. Launch Safari on your Mac.
  2. Now when you visit a web site with support for RSS Feeds. Tip: All of the available Feeds from CHIP you can find here.
  3. Next, click the show button on the "sidebar" below the search bar (see image).
  4. Now press on the tab with the " @ " Symbol. Here, select the very bottom of "subscription".
  5. Now click "+ add Feed".
  6. Confirm and add the selected Feed with "Feed".
Mac: RSS Feeds to subscribe to
In the next tip you will learn how to Mac OS X show hidden files and folders.