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Mac OS X Yosemite safe - the best tips

  • Jul 05, 2020
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Apple bought OS X Yosemite, a number of Tools that make your Mac more secure. We have summarised the most important for you.

Mac OS X Yosemite is more secure: The secure log-in

  • Turn off in the login options of the user preferences automatic sign-in. You need to log-in every time with a username and password. How to protect your Mac and your data from unauthorized access. You can also enable the password query when you Exit the screen saver and the sleep mode.
  • Uncheck the "users & groups –> login options" all the options. As a result, the Mac can't be turned off is started in the login window, or in sleep mode.
  • Your system settings are secure, by protecting them under the "General settings" with a password and set the Mac logs out the user automatically after a certain time.
Settings under OS X Yosemite

Mac OS X Yosemite encrypts your hard disk

  • All the data on your hard disk will be encrypted under Yosemite with the Feature "FileVault 2". On request, the encryption also applies to external hard drives.
  • The only thing you need to do is under "security" in the tab "FileVault" to enable the Feature. Mac OS X Yosemite, takes you step-by-step through the setup process. For the decryption, and sharing, you must then enter your password.
  • Instead of the entire hard disk, you can encrypt only certain data. To do this, you use not "FileVault", but in the disk utility under "file" with "New" -> "Blank disk Image" to a virtual drive. You store your sensitive data, because, for the Mounting of the drive a password is required. For encryption, Apple offers a 128-Bit and 256 - Bit encryption. We always advise to stronger encryption, even if this costs a little Performance.
Mac OS X FileVault

Not new - the Gatekeeper under OS X Yosemite

The Gatekeeer is not a new Element of Yosemite. However, you should set it to the security of your Mac properly:
  • You're safest if you set Gatekeeper to allow only Apps from the App Store can be loaded.
  • You want to load an App from another source, give you prefer to individual your permission.
Gatekeeper under Yosemite

Mac way - now what?

Your Mac is stolen, the course is more than annoying. With Yosemite, you can prevent at least that the thief gains access to your data:
  • Remotely, you can reset the Mac back to factory settings and erase all data. To be able to "Remote Wipe" to run, you must be logged in to the Mac but with iCloud.
  • You can call in the Browser of a PC "icloud.com" and from there click on "My iPhone", the search is started. The Mac is displayed, click on the small "i". In the dialog window, you can set the Mac now with a click on the Button "Remote Wipe" back to factory settings and erase all data.
  • In the same dialog window, you can run instead of "Remote Wipe" and "Remote Lock". Here, the Mac will be locked, so that Unauthorized persons cannot access it. You have lost your Mac in the hope of an honest Finder, you can send this window a message on the home screen of the Mac.
The way to "Remote Wipe"
In the next tip you will learn how to Wi-Fi problems in OS X Yosemite fix.