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Mac OS X: USB flash drive safely remove - how to

  • Sep 04, 2019
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In this practical tip we will explain how you can remove under Mac OS X to your USB Stick safely. Similar to how in Windows you should not remove the removable media is easy to the Slot.

So you remove your USB drive secure under Mac OS X

You will have to copy in the Background data, or you use unknowingly in a plugged-in USB Stick, it can have fatal consequences, to remove him. Another practical tip will tell you for this case, as data on a USB Stick to save.
  • The active USB-Stick is still in the Slot, open the Finder, by tapping on the icon in the Dock.
  • You will see your removable media left in the area of "devices".
  • Click on the underlined triangle next to the name of your USB stick.
  • The Finder window closes and you can remove the USB Stick from the Slot and safely remove them.
Mac: USB Stick safe removal
The manual applies to Mac OS X 10.9.3 on a MacBook Air. Other versions and devices may appear different. How to make your Mac via a USB Stick lock, in a further practical tip.