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Mac OS X: The 3 best Alfred Workflows

  • Sep 27, 2020
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With the MacOS Spotlight-Alternative "Alfred Powerpack" you can also use different Workflows. We will show you the three best.

1. Packal Updater Workflow Manager

  • In the official Forum you will find many different and also a good workflow for you to Download. However, you need to constantly check manually whether there is a new Version of the workflow. In addition, a big mess in the Forum, as, for example, each indicating a different Download page.
  • "Packal Updater" creates this mess: With this Workflow you can use all of the available Workflows by a push of a button or at a certain interval automatically update.
  • In addition, you can use the associated Website easier for new Workflows to find and install.

2. Leo Dictionary - The Dictionary

  • You encounter at work or while Surfing the net on foreign words, you do not know, you can leave you with the dictionary Leo to translate.
  • Instead of the appropriate website to go to, you can use the Workflow "Leo Dictionary" quickly and easily words in different languages translate. A very useful companion that can help you in many situations.

3. Evernote - quick access to the notebook

  • With Evernote, you can create them on your PC quickly and easily notes. With the Evernote Workflow goes, but still faster:
  • With the Workflow, you can create new notes, or existing documents browse. So you can save precious seconds, and quickly access your notes or notebooks to access.
If you use the Evernote Workflow, you should for the safety of the Two-factors-authentication enable.