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Mac OS X: how to record Songs in Garagaband - a guide

  • Jul 10, 2020
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With Apple's Garageband is a whole music Studio on your Mac. How you record the Songs, we show you in this practical tip.

Musical instruments and Vocals in Garageband-projects

The Garageband Software natively supports the connection of microphones and instruments. In order to bring their Songs very easy on the Mac.
  1. Connect your microphone or Instrument into the Jack port on your Mac.
  2. Launch Garageband and open a new project. Select "Amp collection" or "voice".
  3. Now select a soundtrack and press the red record button or press R After a stroke starts recording pre-count.
  4. Press the button again to stop recording. You already have a sound track with your instrumental or vocal Input.
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Garageband Features and settings to song customize

Depending on the choice you made, you Garageband the General settings of Europe. It is recommended, however, this needs to be adjusted. In addition, the Software has some Features that help you in the recording.
  • Set the Tempo by clicking the value on the "bpm" and to the bottom or top pull.
  • Also the key you can change by clicking on it.
  • They enable, for example, the metronome while you record. Then you can be sure that you stay in the bar.
  • If your Instrument is not tuned, click the tuning fork icon at the top right. An Instrument is connected, you can vote for this now.
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